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Newcastle upon Tyne, GB
Monday, February 17, 2020

Food & Drink

Apart from being in Newcastle, what do the Discovery Museum, the Laing Art Gallery and Great North Museum have in common? They are all partnering with a champion catering firm, Totally Delicious, to deliver “immediate emphasis on improved public refreshments and new menus, including traditional North East delicacies”, pledging a...
It might be St Valentines Day, but if you're like me and can't be bothered with all the pretentious fakery just take your lad or lass to get a behemoth burger. Trust me, nothing says I love you more than a gob full of cheesy, greasy meaty goodness. These burgers will give your partner heart-flutters or a heart attack. Just make sure you have an ambulance on standby.
Interior of Wildflower cafe. Brightly painted, reclaimed furniture and a small bar next to a blackboard menu.
A new vegan café, which aims to be a creative hub for Newcastle’s artistic community, has opened on Westgate Road. Wildflower, set up by artist Jessica Salmon and chef Asher Turnbull, specialises in “affordable, seasonal plant-based food”. Dishes on offer include vegan chorizo, bean pasties, and vegan cakes and toasties,...
Anarchy Brew Co. is providing a roof for the Jesmond Food Market this Saturday. The renowned souk of scran, which takes place twice a month on Armstrong Bridge, had been cancelled this Saturday, but that cancellation has now been cancelled. Which means the market is back on. Daisy Turnell divulged, "We read...