Apart from being in Newcastle, what do the Discovery Museum, the Laing Art Gallery and Great North Museum have in common?

They are all partnering with a champion catering firm, Totally Delicious, to deliver “immediate emphasis on improved public refreshments and new menus, including traditional North East delicacies”, pledging a fresh start for these museum and art gallery restaurants in this seven-year deal with the Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums service.

Existing staff will transfer to Totally Delicious, so it’s good news for everyone.

Discovery Museum

“We want customers to see an immediate improvement in the food on offer and this
will be followed by work to improve the internal look and feel of the venues. Totally
Delicious will work to provide stimulating venues which look good, serving food that
tastes fantastic.”

~Managing Director Dominic Bowers

Mr Bowers also promises ethical and environmental improvements, by adding more local produce and vegan options to the menu, and a drive to reduce plastic packaging.

Totally Delicious works with the legendary brand Ringtons, which began selling tea in the Newcastle area in 1907.

Totally Delicious is originally from Stone, Staffordshire, and they have seen great success already in 13 locations throughout England (now 16). They expanded into the North East in 2019 with a base in Lingfield Point Business Park, Darlington.

Mr Bowers says, “Excellence in catering is our driving passion and our good name hinges on this. In our approach to Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, we emphasised providing a bespoke and relevant offering…very much the antithesis to the ‘one-size fits all’ national catering solutions.”

Laing Art Gallery

“Prior to this deal, we had 13 sites across the UK and we are looking to expand
further. We value relationships with our workforce highly and want to offer
opportunities for all 150 staff to progress their careers as we grow.”

Totally Delicious has headquarters in Stone, Staffordshire. For more info,
please see www.totally-delicious.co.uk.

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