Anarchy Brew Co. revealed a new logo recently, in honour of their 8th birthday.

The logo is by local artist Ryan Roadkill, who did the artwork on two of their previous beer releases, Flat Out (Session IPA), and Speed Demon (Lager).

The updated artwork premiered on three brand new beers launched by the brewery for the recent Tryanuary 2020 edition of the Friends of Anarchy Beer Festival, and the new beers are now available to everyone:

Mosaic Sour – (Kettle Sour – 5% abv.)
Kettle Sour with a Mosaic whirlpool addition. Sharp, light and refreshingly tart. Full of grapefruit flavour and an over-ripened fruit aroma. Vegan. Available in kegs and 440ml cans.

Hit The Juice – (Hazy IPA – 6% abv.)
Hazy IPA with lactose sugar. Sweet and full-bodied, with a gentle, bitter finish. Aroma of stone fruit and melon. Available in kegs, casks, and 440ml cans.

The Great Elmyra – (Barley Wine – 10% abv.)
Medium-bodied barley wine, surprisingly smooth, with a herbal aroma. Initially sweet, with a smooth, dry, finish. The addition of dandelion and burdock brings an earthy, herbal note to the beer. Vegan. Available in kegs and 330ml cans.

These beers will also be the first to benefit from a customer-focused upgrade, with ‘Vegan-friendly’ or ‘Contains Lactose’ messages now displayed on the front of cans, keg, and cask badges.

‘I started working at Anarchy back in February 2019, and being able to work on brand development and create new events like Friends of Anarchy has been fantastic. For our new keg and cask clips we’ve also added our barcodes at the bottom, so anyone wanting to check their beers in via the Untappd app can do so even quicker now’.

~Daisy Turnell, Marketing Manager at Anarchy Brew Co.

‘Since Dawn and I set up our brewery back in 2012, we’ve been keen to keep refreshing the beers we brew, so making sure our branding reflects those changes is vital. Being able to work with our amazing team at Anarchy, whilst also bringing like-minded craft breweries to the area for our beer festival to celebrate eight years in the industry is amazing!’ 

~Simon Miles, co-owner of Anarchy Brew Co.

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