Counterfeit vodka capable of causing blindness may be on sale in Newcastle.

Newcastle Trading Standards yesterday issued an alert to the public to keep an eye out for Radanoff – a fake brand of vodka which might contain industrial alcohol.

Some Radanoff has already been seized by Hull City Council and officials are warning that bottles of the vodka could end up on sale in Newcastle too.

Drinks contaminated with industrial alcohol can have serious consequences – consuming such beverages can lead to blindness and even death.

Last week, Newcastle’s Trading Standards Team investigated two reports of off-licences selling the fake vodka, though in both these cases no illicit alcohol was found.

Trading Standards are warning businesses to be extra vigilant so they do not end up buying the illegal alcohol. Businesspeople are advised to check all invoices to make sure that suppliers are complying with HMRC’s Alcohol Wholesaler Scheme.

Any businesses found selling illegal or counterfeit alcohol may be prosecuted and could lose their licences.

Newcastle City Council’s cabinet member for environment, Nick Kemp, said, “We have carried out inspection visits to multiple licensed premises following reports of Radanoff Vodka being sold in the area.”

“While we did not identify this vodka being sold, we want to make the public aware of the risks of purchasing and drinking this fake brand and encourage anyone who spots the brand on sale to report it.”

If you see Radanoff – or any other alcohol brands that seem suspicious – on sale anywhere, you can email Trading Standards on or telephone 278 7878.

If you feel unwell after consuming any alcohol products, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The alcohol education charity Drink Aware estimates that fake and illicit alcohol costs the UK around £1.2 billion a year and that most counterfeit or illegal alcohol contains dangerous chemicals. To learn more, please go to

(Featured image courtesy of whatleydude, from Flickr Creative Commons.)

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