You know what’s better than sitting at home and not spending any money? Going outside and not spending any money!

Visit Sage Gateshead

The main concerts themselves aren’t free, but there are often free performances in the main lobby area. There are lots of places to sit and enjoy the view, and there tend to be quite a few people hanging around and mingling depending on what’s going on there at the time.

Jesmond Dene

This oasis of natural beauty is North East of the city centre, about a 45-minute walk from the main station. You can simply wander around appreciating it, but you can also volunteer your cares away by helping to keep the site clean and doing other maintenance work. They run a plant stall on Armstrong Bridge on the third Saturday of every month, and in the warmer months, there are various other events on offer. Best of all, there is a free entry Pet’s Corner with farm animals (no, it’s not “all you can eat”), alpacas and peacocks.

The Discovery and Great North Museums

A twenty-minute walk apart in the city centre, these are Newcastle’s best two museums, and they are free to enter. And to leave, for that matter. The Discovery Museum is more about science and industrial history, especially Newcastle’s many contributions, whereas the Great North Museum: Hancock focuses on ancient history.

Ouseburn Farm

This November, you can feel the soft embrace of their fresh piglets for only 4 pounds a person (piglets are unlimited). Entrance is free, and they have a few different seasonal events, such as the aforementioned piglet petting, which are all reasonably priced. On the 30th of November 2019, they have a Christmas Fair with lots of stalls to browse around.

Check out some Art at Hatton Gallery

This gallery is packed with things to point your eyes at and waggle your jaw over, and they run different events like talks and workshops, many of which only ask for donations. They currently hold a workshop on Wednesdays called Creative Age, a dementia-friendly creative programme from Equal Arts, for anyone with dementia or other serious health conditions, as well as their families and carers.

Cover Photo by Irina Murza

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