Now, we all know that YouTube is intended for videos about cute kittens and how to actually cook a good omelette that doesn’t cause your guests to laugh at you and call you Mr Soggy Omelette forever after, but there are even better videos on offer, namely ones about Newcastle. We are assuming that you’ve done your homework and your chores, and it’s OK for you to sit down with a cuppa. Do not watch videos on your phone while riding horses, or while operating coal mining equipment.

1. Newcastle from Google’s eyes in the sky.

This video was made using Google Earth Studio, which is currently free for non-profit use. If you are concerned about Google peeking through your window, keeping your curtains drawn won’t help: they’ve got eyes in most of your phones, laptops, and tellies now anyway!

2. Twenty Problems only people from Newcastle will understand

No, Byker Grove isn’t real, and punching horses won’t make it so. But people from outside don’t know that, so you can always use that fact to your advantage.

3. How Newcastle is the reason for everything good in Britain.

As if you really needed reminding, should be obvious to everyone at this point, really. It’s a BBC documentary, so that’s why the presenter talks so funny.

4. The ‘Who’s a Geordie’ Poem

Obviously, every one learned this poem off by heart at school, but we’re putting it up here for the newcomers learning our language and way of life. Be sure to teach it to them if you get the chance.

5. The music of our forebears  

Once upon a time, music was dedicated to beauty, and everyone got to dance with everyone else at the party without being awkward. Here’s how it sounds in a studio, and here’s what it looks like in action.

Got some video suggestions for us? Let us know in the comments below.

Cover Photo by Devon Saccente on Unsplash

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