UK Councils Lose £40.1M+ In Parking Fine Income During Lockdown

During lockdown (April 2020 to June 2020), UK council parking charge notice (PCN) income declined by a staggering £40,147,790.86 – a 70.8% decrease from the same period last year.

Through FOI requests to the largest UK councils, LeaseFetcher has created a report outlining the impact of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions on council PCN income.

The full report can be found here:

The data shows that the largest UK cities (excluding London) made £8,382,547 less than last year – an 82.9% decrease. The hardest hit in terms of percentage of original income was Leicester, losing an astounding 99.2% of its income, whilst Glasgow lost the largest monetary value – a shocking £1,209.791.71.

The statistics for London show that the city lost 68.1% of its income, which amounts to a loss of £31,765,243.37. Camden lost the highest monetary figure (£3,375,989.29) whilst Kensington and Chelsea suffered the highest percentage loss of 96.91%.

“Nobody likes a parking ticket, and if anything good has come of lockdown, it’s that motorists have saved a staggering amount of cash on PCNs,” Will Craig, Founder of LeaseFetcher says.

“It’s not so good for the councils, but they are already starting to claw their way back up to pre-lockdown income levels now that restrictions have eased.”

The data shows that income was very gradually increasing by June. As lockdown restrictions ease further, parking attendants are back on the streets and motorists are beginning to restore their monthly PCN income to usual levels.

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