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The Life-Changing Vacation That Altered One Woman’s Destiny Forever

The Life-Changing Vacation That Altered One Woman's Destiny Forever
A dog groomer from Somerset who visited Whitley Bay for the first time and then decided to relocate her business 360 miles north hasn’t...

Thieves Snatched Almost 80 Dogs in the North East Last Year

photo courtesy of Thomas Axelsson, from Flickr Creative Commons
In the last year, almost 80 pet dogs were stolen in the north east and most were never reunited with their owners.  Police figures show...

Sip a Coffee & Pet a Pooch – Dog Café to...

photo courtesy of Tiffany Le Maistre
A ‘dog café’ is set to open in Newcastle. Geordies will be able to stroke a selection of corgis and pugs as they sip...



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