Newcastle Dental Practice Celebrates UK First

  • Newcastle Cosmetic Dental Clinic is announced as the first Invisalign Connect dental practice in the UK
  • With Invisalign Connect, potential dental patients are given an immersive and interactive experience in-clinic to help them make an informed decision about aligning their teeth

As many businesses in the North East contract in size, rationalising staff and reducing the size of premises, Newcastle’s Cosmetic Dental Clinic is bucking the trend. The successful dental aesthetics clinic announced today that is investing in the development of its practice and has become the first Invisalign Connect practice in the UK.

The Cosmetic Dental Clinic is the largest provider of Invisalign treatment in the North East and has treated over 5,000 patients using the world’s leading alternative to traditional orthodontics; straightening teeth with technically sophisticated clear aligners instead of fixed metal and wires braces. The practice also utilises the latest digital scanning technologies which also enables prospective patients to visualise the outcome of their tooth alignment treatment using predictive 3D treatment-simulation before any treatment has started.

Now, to take things to the next level the practice has worked with Align Technology to bring the Invisalign brand to the direct attention of people in Newcastle in an immersive and interactive way to showcase the advantages and appeal of well-aligned teeth.  The Connect technology the practice has invested in is designed to inform consumers about Invisalign treatment and its benefits before they even reach the dentist’s chair in-practice.

The experience starts as soon as people enter the practice.  Interactive and eye-catching screens featuring well-known social media influencers beckon them in. They can then take a SmileView in a special pod which allows them to ‘try on a new smile’. To do this they simply snap a selfie and in under 60 seconds can see what they could look like with straighter teeth as a full face simulation is generated with their potential new smile.

After completing a few Smile Assessment questions on-screen, they can also start to describe their concerns about the positioning of their teeth and find out which smile most closely resembles their own from a variety of images they are shown.

The compelling technology also allows them to browse information about the benefits of teeth straightening and learn about the cutting-edge Invisalign treatment – how it works and what it can achieve.

All of this takes place in a special hub in the practice so that by the time they are ready to see their dentist, prospective patients are brimming with questions and enthusiasm and want to know about how the Invisalign system could help them.

The Cosmetic Dental Clinic Director Dr Darren Cannell is delighted that his practice is the first Invisalign Connect in the UK.  “Today we are celebrating the launch of our Invisalign Connect practice and I am absolutely over the moon as it is the first practice of its type in the UK. Being an Invisalign Connect practice essentially means that consumers get the reassurance that the practice has a wealth of experience and has treated a high number of patients with the Invisalign system.  Being an Invisalign Connect practice also means we use the most contemporary technologies: We have three iTero digital scanners to take fantastically accurate scans of patients’ mouths – so we can discuss exactly what changes they want and see a predicted outcome right before their eyes!”

“Prospective patients can literally come in off the street, they can be taken into the hub where they can utilise the technologies to see what the treatment could achieve for them.  They can use the SmileView pod which involves them smiling into a specified iPad and, within a minute, the device produces a visualisation of what they could potentially look like after Invisalign treatment.”

“From there, our experienced Invisalign clinicians are able to discuss what Invisalign treatment is and what it could achieve for them. With over 15 years of Invisalign provision, we are also able to demonstrate a whole host of relevant previous cases. The beauty of the new Connect system is that it allows people to investigate their Invisalign options without any initial financial commitment. Thereafter, we are able to offer a range of payment options including a 0% interest-free package.”

“For people keen to go to the next level, we offer a free consultation which can be scheduled with an Invisalign trained dentist who scans them and simulates their projected outcome… and that’s just the start of their exciting tooth straightening journey.”

To mark the launch of the first UK Connect practice, the team has organised a competition allowing one lucky person to win a full Invisalign treatment for free. The competition is being run on The Cosmetic Dental Clinic’s Instagram page and the winner announced on 8th October.

For more information please visit The Cosmetic Dental Clinic

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