35 vehicles will soon be driving around Newcastle emblazoned with important messages about recycling.

Recycling is vital for the environment. In the USA, for example, over 200 million tons of rubbish are produced per year. Although it is estimated that 75% of this waste could be recycled, only 25% gets recycled at present.

Recycling 100 cans could save enough energy to light a bedroom for two weeks.

With such facts in mind, Newcastle City Council has decided to display recycling information on the side of 35 vehicles from its refuse collection fleet.

This information will challenge common recycling myths and make clear exactly which items from the kitchen and bathroom can be recycled.

Kitchen items include juice and milk cartons, baked ban tins, wine bottles, fizzy drink cans, washing-up liquid bottles, breakfast cereal boxes and pasta sauce jars.

Recyclable articles from the bathroom include air freshener aerosols, toilet roll cardboard centres, bleach bottles, soap containers, perfume bottles, toothpaste boxes and bathroom cleaner bottles.

180319C_010 - waste Nick Kemp
Cllr Nick Kemp

Newcastle City Council’s cabinet member for neighbourhoods and regulatory services, Cllr Nick Kemp, said, “We are introducing the new bin wagon signage to show the objects people can recycle from their household waste.”

“We have listened to residents’ requests for clarity and the signs are bold, clear, crisp and identify those household objects that most people question whether they can be recycled or not.”

“Newcastle takes this matter extremely seriously and these new banners are just one part of a wider campaign about the benefits of recycling and why we must all do more as a city.”

“The signs are a great way for people to see the recycling messages as they go about their day.”

“Too much is reported on what can’t be recycled so we wanted to reinforce the message about what materials can be recycled by residents. It will give people a better idea of the right waste to put in the right bin.”

“We hope it gives people the confidence to recycle more and helps to keep Newcastle a clean and green city.”

Newcastle City Council – a major employer with 6,000 staff – has pledged to help the environment by reducing single-use plastics in its offices, improving recycling points, replacing plastic vending machine cups with recyclable ones. and sending householders information on what can be recycled.

Over 10 Newcastle pubs and clubs have also promised to help the environment by banning plastic drinking straws.

To learn more about recycling, please visit Newcastle City Council’s website at www.newcastle.gov.uk. You can also follow the council on Twitter @Newcastlecc and on Facebook @NewcastleCityCouncil.

In more environmental news from the north east, Durham County Council has pledged to switch its lights out for one hour for Earth Hour 2018.

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