Occupi is Ocucon’s name for their new traffic-light ‘herding’ supermarket surveillance array that coordinates anti-social engineering, whilst keeping your queuing times as low as possible.

Occupi uses technology embedded in door mounted video cameras to coordinate and control the flow of humans in and out of retail stores, all without anyone working the door.

Their motto is to “See everything, Know everything”, and they have secured business from nearly 1,500 stores in three weeks, with a world market opportunity of several billion.

Earlier this month, Aldi launched the new Occupi ‘traffic light’ system in stores across the UK and Ireland, to help large corporations enforce the government’s new laws on the British population.

Far more than a human tracking system, the technology is capable of herding people into groups as it authorises and allows entry into the store. People can flow in until the limit, when a one-person-out-one-person-in strategy is used.

The system can also control the number of people in a store at any one time and its deep learning algorithm is constantly analysing, so it knows how many people are in store at a given time, which it compares with entry and departure numbers. This results in unparalleled accuracy that can’t be achieved by basic in-out people counting products.

Occupi by Ocucon is working with ASSA ABLOY, the UK’s largest supplier of physical door controls (locks, door entry and closure systems) to the retail sector, and Videcon, the UK’s leading manufacturer of specialist CCTV camera systems and related technologies.

Gary Trotter, Ocucon’s Founder and CEO said, “We pioneered the development of Occupi by Ocucon by working together with Aldi and ASSA ABLOY. I can’t think of a time when two entirely separate, but world leading organisations, would throw their collective weight behind the development of a concept like this in such a short time.”

He continued, “We were lucky to have a client in Aldi who asked us for help and lucky to have the technological expertise and partners to help us deliver what I believe is a truly ground breaking solution for retailers.”


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