Lizzie Simmonds, a proper Olympian swimmer and Vitality Performance Champion, did a canny speaking gig, ‘Time to talk’ about health and wellbeing at Newcastle Premier Health’s annual Health and Wellbeing get together on yesterday’s (Thursday 6th February) ‘Time to talk day’ with words of inspiration and hope for employees, clients and partners.

Lizzie’s educational talk was about mind-set, positivity, and the lifestyle choices that help you achieve your aims in life, which is what’s needed to improve the health, well-being and productivity of people in the North East.

Newcastle Premier Health hosted some of their longstanding customers, partners, staff and media at Lizzie’s talk about the importance of talking and why it is important for humans to talk more about mental health everywhere. Lizzie’s three key topics were resilience: how to reframe failure and find the opportunity in challenges, managing stress under pressure, and how to prioritise mental wellbeing.

“Lizzie recognises the real value of supporting people in all sorts of different ways to make changes that improve people’s health. I am delighted to have been able to invite Lizzie to visit us, I know she will help to inspire us to think differently about what we can all achieve in the workplace and in our personal lives”, says Managing Director, Mark Philpott.

NPH does mint Occupational Health services across the North East, and they’ve made these free guides to common and serious health problems because they’re good people.

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