Research released to coincide with COP 26 shows Newcastle’s statistics on  activities around energy and recycling   

People in Newcastle are actively participating in a range of activities to save the planet with more than 90% trying to do their bit now to save the planet according to research revealed today.

The most popular activity undertaken in the city to help save the planet is recycling with 67% saying they are now recycling more than ever.

Interestingly, in second place for actions that Newcastle dwellers currently do to save the planet, is buying fewer clothes  – reported by 35% of respondents.

Top Ways To Contribute To Saving The Planet According To Newcastle Research

Using less electricity is the third most common way of helping the environment, with 34% saying they currently are finding options to save on this energy source.

In joint fourth position were using less gas and conserving water which were both reported by 31% of respondents.

The research was undertaken by Project Solar UK, the UK’s largest retailer and installer of solar panels when they found out that 14% of Newcastle residents affirmed they were making their homes more energy efficient in ways such as adding solar panels.

Simon Peat, CEO of Project Solar UK said, “Newcastle scored highly across many categories for addressing climate change and environmental issues. it’s interesting that using less gas and less electricity were both in the top five things people are actively doing to save the planet.  By harnessing the sun’s natural energy and converting it into electricity through solar panels, people in the city can give themselves  a real renewable energy option to help support their concerns around saving the planet.”

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