A Morpeth public relations professional with more than 20 years of experience working to promote corporate, non-profit and start-ups has evolved her business to showcase her expertise and passion for the environment.

Jennifer Clair Robson started her business, “Jennifer Clair PR and copywriting” more than three years ago and has built up an impressive PR portfolio ranging from IT companies to management specialists and everything in-between.

With a Masters Degree in Communicating Climate Change for Public Relations and a keen interest in helping others to succeed via a Sustainability Entrepreneur programme, Jennifer has dedicated her spare time to making the world a better place to live.

Her personal interest in climate change, sustainability and the environment has created a unique, niche market for her PR skills and in-depth knowledge from businesses and organisations wanting to get their green messages across to a wide audience.

Outside of her business, Jennifer carries out charitable work with national sustainability charity Sniffer, and she also runs #InspireGood, a networking group dedicated to connecting charities and businesses. Her concerns about climate change and the way that the Earth’s resources are being used at an unsustainable rate prompted her to become a director with community interest company Climate Action North.

“Addressing the climate crisis with Climate Action North is an issue very close to my heart. The work I do with my fellow directors Sharon Lashley and Julie Harrison is all about informing, acting proactively and driving change.
“Our work provides practical solutions and actions for local groups, communities, schools and businesses in the region from large scale projects such as rewilding the North’s business parks to litter picking and beach cleans. I am also currently developing a business action toolkit, which is designed to help you become more resilient to interruptions that businesses face every day.”

With her ethical and environmentally sound credentials, Jennifer has seen a marked increase in businesses and organisations seeking her PR and copywriting services to highlight their environmental work and receive guidance on the best way to demonstrate their commitment to tackling the ongoing climate emergency.
“Our clients can be assured that everything we do is eco-friendly and geared towards making our planet a better place to live for generations to come. A lot of businesses are now seeing the advantages and benefits of changing their working practices to implement sustainability or developing new products that use renewable materials and I want to support them by highlighting their work.”
One of her clients, Daniel O’Connor from Warp It helps distribute, reuse and recycle surplus redundant resources such as furniture, equipment, fixtures and fittings.

‘Our vision is to be a network where buying new is the last resort and nothing is wasted.
We want to reduce waste and carbon emissions by allowing people to make use of redundant equipment that may otherwise end up in land fill. Jennifer has helped us get our key messages out to industry and the public, and we are grateful for her in depth knowledge and dedication to making a difference to the world in which we all live.”


Photo Credit : Highlights PR

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