Newcastle’s shoppers are being encouraged to express their creative sides – with the help of the resident artist at the city’s historic Grainger Market.

As part of the Great Exhibition of the North, Mike Duckett has been painting, sketching and scribbling at the market all summer.

Though the exhibition is due to end on September 9th, Mike will stay on at Grainger Market for a few more months. And he is encouraging more members of the public to come along and get involved.

Mike will be holding a number of workshops and inviting guest artists to join him in the coming months. He also hosts ‘cuppa sketches’, during which he sits down with members of the public over a drink while they draw each other.

grainger art
Some of the art on display at Newcastle’s Grainger Market

Mike Duckett said, “It’s been a brilliant space to be in and there’s been a really good variety of people coming in and having a chat.”

“People have been looking through the window and seeing the new pictures that are appearing. I’m also encouraging people to join me – I’m here almost every day and people are welcome to just drop by.”

“The aim of this is to celebrate Grainger Market and the other purpose is to boost creativity and encourage people to draw.”

Newcastle City Council’s arts development manager, Alison Flanagan-Wood, said, “It’s linked to the celebration of the Great Exhibition of the North while inviting a new audience into the Grainger Market and to encourage them to keep coming back.”

“What I’ve loved about the shop is that it’s growing and developing throughout the residency. At the same time, it’s bringing art and colour to people who might not normally get involved with it.”

“Having this space is amazing because it’s a different audience, but it’s also a proper local audience as well.”

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