Food Packaging Specialist Launches Ground-breaking Concept
Ian Smith, sales director of PFF Packaging Group with its new fully recyclable packaging product for dairy and other food applications

Food packaging specialist PFF Group has launched a ground-breaking, fully recyclable packaging product suitable for all food applications.

Amid increasing demand from food manufacturers for plastic reduction, the new concept – known as IMPAC-T – uses less plastic than equivalent PET packaging and can be typically used for dairy products such as yoghurt as well as an array of other produce.

A vertically integrated UK manufacturer, PFF extrudes its own materials, and has now made a significant investment in new process technology to bring the lighter weight food grade packaging option to market.

The technology enables less plastic to be used in the product and increased use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. This optimises the resources used and provides packaging that is easy to recycle.

IMPAC-T uses a minimum of 50% PCR PET and up to 100% PCR card with any virgin board content sourced from certified sustainable forestry . The plastic and card can be easily separated and both components can be reprocessed back into packaging, making IMPAC-T fully recyclable.

In addition, the forming of the IMPAC-T pack is a far more efficient single stage process than traditional card wrap processes, therefore, further reducing PFF’s carbon footprint.

PFF Group sales director Ian Smith said: “We have developed this concept and invested in innovative manufacturing processes to produce a new unique, light weight, recycled PET hybrid pack designed for use by food manufacturers.

“IMPAC-T is intrinsic to PFF’s core values of innovation, sustainability and creativity. We are proud to bring this new product to market and showcase our credentials as a leading independent UK food packaging manufacturer committed to the complete recycling process.

“As well as being designed for the dairy sector, IMPAC-T can be used for a range of other food applications where sealed in freshness and strong branding are essential.”

PFF Group’s packaging and health divisions are members of Made in Britain, an initiative which champions UK manufacturing.

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