Dobbies, the UK’s leading garden centre, is hosting a free session in Gosforth for its Little Seedlings Club on Sunday 4 September.

During this workshop, children aged 4 to 10 will learn how to grow their own fruit and how they can enjoy some of their five a day this autumn.

Dobbies’ Little Seedlings Club provides exciting interactive learning activities that allow children Gosforth to understand, explore, and connect with plants, wildlife, and the environment around them.

September’s workshop is set to be fun-filled and educational with a key focus on how you can grow fresh fruit in your garden space. The workshop will cover the early history of different fruit, as well as diving into the science, illustrating how we classify those frequently misidentified as vegetables. Children will also learn about the health benefits, along with how different fruits grow and how to plant their own at home. There will also be a crafting activity.

Dobbies’ Partnership and Events Manager, Sarah Murray, explained: “Our Little Seedling Club is very popular and we hope to encourage and nurture young people’s passion for growing their own crops. We’re looking forward to highlighting all the health and wellbeing benefits of fruit, as well as having lots of fun.”

Advance booking is required to secure a free spot at the September Little Seedlings Club. For more information on how children can participate at Dobbies’ Gosforth store, visit:

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