Marisam Events: Revolutionizing the Live Music Industry in the North East with Female Leadership
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Marisam Events, led by Maria Winter and Sam Harris, is an events company driven by female leadership, dedicated to revolutionizing the live music industry in the North East, one event at a time.

Founded by two former music graduates from Newcastle University, Marisam Events has a clear mission: to provide support, exposure, and celebration for the immense creativity of local musicians and artists in the NE region.

Maria, currently pursuing a master’s degree in journalism, contributes her talents as a freelance writer for NARC Magazine, while Sam works as a music PR executive at Northside Creative, a PR firm specializing in the creative industries.

Both Maria and Sam are also independent musicians and songwriters, bringing a wealth of experience within the local music scene. In late 2021, they decided to expand their endeavours into organizing live events, further strengthening their presence in the NE music community.

Essentially, the objective of Marisam Events is to provide innovative opportunities to re-invest in the local entertainment scene. With intimate knowledge of how difficult it is to sustain a profitable business within the Creative Industries, the two women are laser-focused on providing fair wages for artists, fair profits for all stakeholders and fair prices for event attendees.

Looking towards the future, the two women want to offer a larger variety of events/entertainment services, expanding their event capacities and increasing regularity as the business develops. Envisioning Marisam Events as a nationally touring event/entertainment service, Winter and Harris aim to provide audiences with unparalleled interactive music-based experiences.

Marisam Events currently offers three event types:

Late ‘n’ Live (a live music quiz)
Late ‘n’ Live Karaoke (a live-band-led karaoke)
Platform 22 (a live music showcase)

Late ‘n’ Live is a premier entertainment service which combines audience participation and live music to create an interactive, immersive experience. Firstly, we have the live music quiz event, where audience members test their knowledge by answering a series of music-related questions asked, hosted and performed by a live band. With prizes to be won, audience members are presented with a unique opportunity to learn and listen. As we revamp the traditional pub quiz and the standard live gig, we are redefining the infamous North East night Out. Secondly, there is the live-band-led karaoke event, where audience members are given the opportunity to become performers and join our skilled house band for the night.

Platform 22 is a live music showcase event, where local musicians perform original music (in front of a public audience) in the hopes of winning an artist residency within The Apartment Group venue network. 3 artists perform a 30-minute set of original music, & then audience members scan a QR code to vote for their fan favourite! With plans to develop into a monthly event, P22 will provide paid music gigs for NE-based artists.

The launch event for Late ‘n’ Live Karaoke is taking place on July 20th at As You Like It in Jesmond. Featuring the brilliant Late ‘n’ Live band: comprised of Newcastle’s best local musicians who will play every song, this is your chance to join them on stage and belt out your favourite karaoke classics. Enjoy a unique night of entertainment & fun for an alternative North East night out!


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