Newcastle’s celebrity barber shop owner, Tom Baxter, has joined the International Hair Alliance (IHA) to support fellow hairdressers during the lockdown, and provide you at home with hair advice

Tom is the go-to barber for people off the telly, like Geordie Shore stars and premiership footballers, and he’s founded IHA along with Heffy Wheeler, Jeseca McMahon, Adele Clarke,
Becky Sutherland, and Myles Lewis.

The social media savvy salon owners, developed the IHA soon after the government ordered the closure of salons and barbershops. Tom explains:

“we all noticed how the vibe of the hair and barbering community on social media was suddenly all very negative,  attacking fellow experts about how they were all individually responding to the crisis. As a group, we wanted to switch that over and focus on the strengths and positivity of the hair industry, and get a positive social media campaign started,”

The team are creating videos and hosting live interviews on Instagram and TikTok; via two social media campaigns: #backyourbarber and #supportyourstylist, and inviting fellow hair experts to produce their own in a nominations chain across Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram.

Tom said “the media and social is giving advice about how you can cut your hair or beard at home, or you’re seeing guys just grabbing the clippers and shaving their hair right off. We want our customers to know that it’s okay to leave your hair and just wait for us all to get back behind the chair. Leave it to the professionals, and let your inner cave man out for a few more weeks, we’ll have you covered soon enough. Our viral videos and challenges are a way of getting the message out to public and fellow hair experts, so that the campaign gathers momentum. So, let’s all get involved and get these hashtags trending”

“This is a great initiative from our ambassadors, and we’re fully behind supporting the
campaigns across our social platform. We all need to be in this together and support
the hair and barbering industry and stay positive,” concludes Sinead McLaughlin,
OSMO Brand Manager.

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