To enhance the effectiveness of each donation, The People’s Kitchen, a prominent charity dedicated to supporting vulnerable individuals in the Northeast, is shifting away from partnerships with third-party donation agencies in the lead-up to their Christmas campaign.

This strategic shift aims to guarantee that every donation goes directly to aiding those in need, eliminating any third-party ‘commissions.’

This adjustment will play a crucial role as The People’s Kitchen prepares for their Feed a Friend for a Fiver Christmas campaign, which launches today. The People’s Kitchen is run entirely by volunteers, and with no government funding, the charitable support of the Northeast public is vital to keeping their doors open for those in need. They cannot afford to miss out on any donation. 

“The People’s Kitchen is a safe haven for our friends, and when life isn’t easy, we are the stability they need. Without the generosity of the general public, we could not do the work we love doing so much. Your £5 can help provide our friends with a warm welcome, hot food, clothing, toiletries, and most importantly, non-judgemental friendship. We are so grateful.”

Maggie Pavlou, a trustee from The People’s Kitchen

Please donate via the official Just Giving link if you want to contribute to The People’s Kitchen, Feed a Friend for a Fiver campaign. Every donation signifies immense kindness to their friends.

About The People’s Kitchen:

The People’s Kitchen supports homeless and vulnerable people in the North East of England. Opening in 1985, The People’s Kitchen shares hot meals, packages of clothing, toiletries, food, mobile phones and sleeping bags to those who might be sleeping rough or recently placed in housing with no belongings. Run entirely by volunteers, The People’s Kitchen serves over 250 hot meals daily, 365 days a year. 

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