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River Festival to Celebrate North East Maritime Heritage

sunderland wear
A north-east festival is to celebrate the region’s seafaring past. The Sunderland River Festival, on Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September, will see street...

Thieves Snatched Almost 80 Dogs in the North East Last Year

photo courtesy of Thomas Axelsson, from Flickr Creative Commons
In the last year, almost 80 pet dogs were stolen in the north east and most were never reunited with their owners.  Police figures show...

Britain’s Biggest Binge Drinkers Live in North East, Survey Says

photo courtesy of zeevveez, from Flickr Creative Commons
A recent survey has revealed that the residents of the north east are more likely to binge drink than people in other parts of...

60% of North East Businesses Dissatisfied with Region’s Infrastructure

60% of North East Businesses Dissatisfied with North East's Infrastructure
A report by the employers’ organisation the CBI has found that 60% of the north east’s businesses feel the region’s infrastructure is in need...

North East Benefit Claimants More Likely to be Sanctioned, MPs Find

North East Benefit Claimants More Likely to Be Sanctioned, MPs Find
A group of cross-party MPs sitting on the Commons Public Accounts Committee has found that benefit sanctions can vary a great deal depending on...



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