Alright folks, business and technology were the original rock and roll, and the two day, BIM Show Live 2020 awards & seminars event is going to be a tech data smart business world salad BIM extravaganza with networking sauce schmoozed all over it.

You’ve been smart, got good at BIM (Building Information Modeling), played your cards right getting a job in the techno-design world: now it’s your time to network with the future of BIM, but in the present, for less than £350, which is cheap at half the price; as it is, it’s still good value, and keeps the tire-kickers out.

The BIM Show Live 2020 will be on 26-27th February at the Boiler Shop.

If you are a younger person getting started in this wild west data-design-architecture field of BIM, don’t go to an unhygienic music festival this year; be very nice to your parents and get them to pay for this instead.
For for cool-hand BIM professionals and twitchy BIM greenhorns alike, the primary value of an event like BIM Show Live is meeting everyone you can, exchanging business cards, and following up from there to find internships, training opportunities, business associates, and people to play poker with, not that we recommend gambling, of course.

Nic Palmarini, the aptly named Director of NICA, the National Innovation Centre for Ageing in Newcastle, is headlining with ‘Data in a Smart World’, a talk about how data unlocks the secrets of the world around us, and how we use that to design a more sustainable society that supports the needs of an aging population.

The other keynote speakers are Radio 4 presenter, Timandra Harkness; biophilic architect Oliver Heath, and Stuart Maggs, CEO of Scaled Robotics.

Rob Charlton, event co-founder, transmitted “We’re thrilled to announce Nic Palmarini from the National Innovation Centre for Ageing as one of our keynote speakers.

“Newcastle is leading the way as a national hub for digital construction and innovative thinking. Responding to the event theme – BIM for Good – we’re delighted to have Nic talk about using emerging technology and data to improve our societies.”

Nic Palmarini contended, “In 2050, there will be more than 2.1 billion people over the age of 60, representing 21.3% of the global population.

I have a passion for connecting dots across disciplines to bridge academic research with real-world applications and I look forward to discussing the importance of data at this event.”

The National Innovation Centre for Aging at Newcastle University is a world-leading organisation, created with £40 million of your tax readies. The Centre brings all sorts together to develop, test and market products and services that enhance life for our older people, which is all of us one day, with a bit of luck.

For more information about BIM Show Live, visit and here to book tickets.

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