Northumberland National Park Authority is welcoming a new study which is urging that a ‘right tree in the right place’ approach is adopted in reforestation to help benefit people and the planet, reflecting the approach already supported and promoted by the Park.

The study, conducted by Kew Gardens, looked at reforestation and found that tree planting schemes that are poorly executed can prove to be more problematic than beneficial to the environment. The study set out 10 ‘golden rules’ for reforestation, with a focus on protecting existing forests, putting local people at the heart of projects, and using natural regrowth of trees where possible.

Northumberland National Park is keen to ensure that any reforestation projects are to the benefit of natural beauty, wildlife, and the cultural heritage of the Park – as well as providing social and economic benefit for the local community.

Northumberland National Park Authority Chief Executive, Tony Gates said: “We fully support the latest findings from the study conducted by Kew Gardens and how their action plan for correct reforestation can benefit all of us.”


We all want to see more trees, but this must happen on the basis of the right tree in the right place. As one of Britain’s finest landscapes, we are only too aware that inappropriate reforestation or woodland management can be detrimental to the landscape, and natural and cultural heritage of the Park.

We are working closely with the Northumberland Forestry Partnership to make sure any reforestation that is conducted within the Park prioritises the landscape, the wildlife, and the local community.”

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