Christmas has come early for 24 new firefighters in Tyne and Wear, who have successfully completed their training and are ready to be deployed across the region. The trainee firefighters began their 14-week programme in the autumn, where they learned the skills needed to respond to emergencies, including firefighting drills, written exams, and a rigorous fitness regime.

Chief Fire Officer Chris Lowther congratulated the new recruits and welcomed them to the TWFRS family. “It’s an honour and privilege to watch these new recruits pass out and become the firefighters of the future,” he said. “Our recruit’s course is tough, but it prepares them for life on station where their learning will continue under the supportive eye of their watch, which will become like their family.”

High Sheriff of Tyne and Wear, David W Bavaird, also praised the new recruits. “It’s fantastic to see so many new recruits joining Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service today,” he said. “They join over 100 firefighters that have been recruited in the past two years, helping to keep our community safe not just fighting fires but on the road and by the water as well.”

Firefighter training involves teaching recruits how to operate a fire pump, hose running, Road Traffic Collision (RTC) rescue, First Aid, and much more. Wholetime recruitment for firefighters at TWFRS will re-open in January 2023, and those interested in the career can pre-register for alerts on the TWFRS website now.

Christmas is a time for new beginnings, and for these 24 new firefighters, it marks the start of a rewarding and fulfilling career serving their community. We wish them all the best and look forward to their continued service to the people of Tyne and Wear.

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