Trick or Treat: Newcastle’s Favourite Halloween Treats

Trick or Treat: Newcastle's Favourite Halloween Treats

We all have our favourite sweet treat to indulge on, and with Halloween just around the corner, there’s no better time to stock up on your top pick.

A new map by Parkdean Resorts has revealed the most in-demand sweets from around the UK this spooky season, and Ferrero Rocher came out on top for Newcastle!

The UK goes nuts for Snickers!

Trick or Treat: Newcastle's Favourite Halloween Treats

That’s right – the favourite amongst Brits has been revealed as the classic Snickers bar, with cities including Manchester, Leeds and London all demanding this nutty chocolate treat. Since its creation in the 1930s, Snickers has been a household name and is best known for its celeb-filled adverts which have featured big names from Mr T, to Joan Collins, Rowan Atkinson and Elton John.

In joint second place is the gold-wrapped Ferrero Rocher, and the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk – proving that timeless taste never goes out of style.

Underdogs such as Cadbury’s Roses and their Buttons are creeping up the ranks in cities across the UK.
Newcastle Ferrero Rocher
London Ferrero Rocher
Manchester Snickers
Edinburgh Snickers
Birmingham Ferrero Rocher
Leeds Snickers
Liverpool Cadbury Dairy Milk
Bristol Ferrero Rocher
Newcastle Ferrero Rocher
Swansea Cadbury Buttons
Belfast Snickers
M&Ms come out on top in the USA

Over in America, M&Ms came in at number one with over half of the country voting them as their top treat for Halloween.

Trick or Treat: Newcastle's Favourite Halloween Treats

It seems people just can’t get enough of the antics of its famous mascots, Red and Yellow, and States including Florida, and Alabama all crave these candy shelled covered classics.

Candy Corn came in second place and whilst its very nature makes it tough to dish out to trick or treaters, its iconic appearance is so synonymous with autumn that it obviously had to make the list.

Snickers reigns as the world’s number one!

According to the data, the UK isn’t alone in its love of Snickers bars with multiple countries choosing them as their favourite, making it the world’s number one sweet treat!

Trick or Treat: Newcastle's Favourite Halloween Treats

Close seconds include Oreo and Ferrero Rocher, with countries like Russia and Australia showing them plenty of love too.
America M&Ms
UK Snickers
Russia Oreo
Italy Smarties
Canada Ferrero Rocher
Switzerland Snickers
China Oreo
Mexico Toblerone
Germany Milka
Australia Ferrero Rocher

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