Tiny Fragments of Beautiful Light
Tiny Fragments of Beautiful Light

Tiny Fragments of Beautiful Light at Alphabetti Theatre is an immersive, interactive exploration of one woman’s journey of self-discovery. From 31st January – 18th February, this funny, joyful play is a celebration of our individuality and the joy and freedom that comes when we live as we truly are, and not as the world thinks we should. 

Hannah Genesius will play the lead role of Elsa. Quirky, kind and clever, Elsa’s life has never been boring, though it’s often been a struggle. Genesius’ previous projects include A Noble Truth (BFI Network) and Homefront (BBC Radio 4). She is best known for the role of Rosa in The Great Divide at Finborough Theatre, The Times commented this is richly informative theatre — with a passion that’s almost incendiary. Yemisi Oyinloye will portray Carmen, who seems to hold the key to who Elsa really is. Oyinloye is an actor from the North West of England who has previously appeared in Emmerdale (ITV), Cold Feet (ITV) and Bancroft (ITV). She can currently be seen in The Teacher on Netflix. Completing the cast as Mam and other roles is Zoe Lambert. Her acting credits include Sugar (Open Clasp) and The Comedy of Errors and The Winter’s Tale (RSC). She has also appeared on Coronation Street (ITV).

Hannah Genesius
Hannah Genesius

Elsa has always wondered why she never fit in. School was always a nightmare and romance was a mystery; until now. Elsa meets Carmen who just seems to ‘get’ her and just might have the answers to why it feels like there’s an octopus living inside her head.

Zoe Lambert

The show explores the autistic experience through a female lens, inspired by writer Allison Davies’ own diagnosis of autism. More men and boys are diagnosed as autistic than women and girls, so Davies felt it was time that space was made to hear from different voices. Attitudes towards autism and gender are changing, although there is still a long way to go, as many autistic women and girls struggle to get the support they need. Historically, far more attention has been given to males on the spectrum, and as a neurodivergent woman this show is Davies’s response.

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