Fenham’s most famous magician, Chris Cross, is putting on a Zoom show for people stuck at home

In January and February this year, Chris was in Dubai, performing his Magic & Escapology show at the World’s largest shopping mall, but since he got home to the North-East, even he couldn’t get out of this lockdown!

Chris was set to perform close-up magic at weddings for people off the telly, and was booked for loads of summer festivals and events, but due to the cruel Corona, all his bookings have magically disappeared.

Chris Says: ”I really miss performing and doing what I do best: entertaining an audience. There’s only so many new gags and magic tricks I can amuse my partner with around the house! It’s challenging for most people at the minute, but the leisure and entertainment industries have definitely been hit the hardest, and since all public events around the World have been cancelled and everything is on lock-down, I have been feeling the direct financial impact”

In a pro-active approach to the situation, Chris is teaching magic tricks and performing magic shows at affordable prices online via ZOOM. He’s been getting hired for birthdays, family and friend gatherings and his shows have proved to be a fun alternative to the ubiquitous virtual quiz nights.

Chris says: ”Performing my online shows is nowhere near the same feeling as having a real live audience and performing in a beautiful theatre or in a large tent at a festival, but it’s better than nothing and it’s keeping my head above water! Not only are these shows keeping me sane, but they’re also bringing a lot of fun and happiness to people who can’t leave their homes at the moment and families that are running out of things to do. A few national companies have hired me to teach magic tricks to their staff and their families who are working from home, to amuse them and to keep their mental well-being healthy. People have been loving it and I’ve been having a right laugh with viewers, too!”

Anyone who would like to try learning some magic tricks from a master magician, or who has a special occasion coming up, is warmly invited to get in touch with Chris to arrange a special online show.

For more info see: www.chris-cross.co.uk and send Chris a message!

Instagram: @TheChrisCross

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