In a world frequently clouded by difficulties and unpredictability, it is truly inspiring to observe the remarkable strength that arises from shared compassion and unwavering resolve.

The 2023 Great North Run, a hallmark event in the realm of long-distance running, brought together 11 remarkable individuals who demonstrated the true spirit of giving. These dedicated runners raised an astounding £7,337.00 in sponsorship funds to support The Three Tumours charity. This achievement is not merely a testament to their physical endurance but, more importantly, a testament to their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the charity they support.

The funds raised in this year’s Great North Run will be channelled towards a noble cause – the fight against brain tumours. The Three Tumours charity is dedicated to this critical mission, with a multifaceted approach aimed at “Raising Funds To Find A Cure,” “Signposting Resources For Sufferers Of Brain Tumours And Their Families,” “Increasing Awareness To Aid Early Diagnosis,” and “Improving The Quality Of Care For Brain Tumour Sufferers And Their Families.”

Ray Thompson GNR 23

The statistics surrounding brain tumours in the UK are alarming. Brain tumours continue to be a silent but devastating killer, claiming more lives among children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer. The rise in brain tumour deaths, now representing 2.6% of all cancer-related fatalities, highlights the urgency of the situation. These tumours tragically take more lives among children than leukaemia, more men under 45 than prostate cancer, and more women under 35 than breast cancer.

In the United Kingdom alone, 16,000 people are diagnosed with brain tumours annually. The grim reality is that less than 20% of brain tumour patients survive beyond five years after their diagnosis. These statistics stand in stark contrast to the survival rates of other cancers, such as breast cancer and leukaemia, where survival rates exceed 50%.

The vital work of The Three Tumours charity cannot be overstated. By channelling the funds raised from the Great North Run into research, support services, and awareness campaigns, this organisation is taking concrete steps towards changing the narrative around brain tumours. Their efforts offer hope to countless families who have been affected by this devastating disease.

Tony Gale GNR 23

The success of this year’s Great North Run and the remarkable £7,337.00 raised underscore the enduring spirit of generosity that resides within our communities. It demonstrates that when individuals come together with a shared purpose, they can create a ripple effect of change that touches the lives of many. The funds collected will provide critical support and symbolises the unwavering commitment to the cause of eradicating brain tumours and improving the lives of those affected.

“As we celebrate the achievements of these 11 dedicated runners, let us also remember the countless others who continue to battle brain tumours and their families who stand by their side. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can raise hope. Together, we can work towards a future where brain tumours no longer claim precious lives, and where the statistics of survival become more promising.”

Chairperson for the charity, Claire Downs

“The Great North Run 2023 has shown us that when we run with our hearts, we run for hope. We run for a cure.”

Claire concluded

For help and support for The Three Tumours, contact Claire Downs – 07930 326 905.

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