‘Twist of Fate’: An old-fashioned gum ball machine, filled with choices of modern classic cocktails, prizes and more, presented at the table, is a fun way for you to take the stress out of choosing a cocktail.

On Saturday 4th July, basement bar Mother Mercy opened its doors once again, and the ‘Twist of Fate’ cocktail generating machine is a brand-new experience for regulars and newcomers to enjoy, complete with a creepy occult logo. Each guest gets two spins and the machine is filled with the names of modern classic cocktails and a mix of prizes including bar tabs, vouchers and bespoke merchandise.

Are you drinking spirits, or are they consuming you?

Mother Mercy hopes the ‘Twist of Fate’ will invigorate the cocktail bar experience which has been sorely missed, and recreate the bartender and customer relationship away from the bar and directly to the table.

Since it opened in late 2019, Mother Mercy quickly garnered attention for its creative interior design, high quality of service and creative and playful drinks. The basement bar is led by two experienced bartenders with a wealth of industry knowledge.

Neil Donachie, brand manager for Fentimans, was previously senior bartender at The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar, while Luke Comer is one of the founders of Liverpool’s Present Company and the market manager of Samson & Surrey. Both bring their expertise and broad knowledge to create imaginative drinks concepts that enrich the customer experience.

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