Embracing Remote Work in 2019

Remote work has become quite popular in recent years. A lot of companies, especially small to medium sized businesses have resorted to allow employees to work remotely. The motive being to cut down on organisational costs, improve employee morale as well as increase employee productivity.

Here are some companies taking the lead in promoting a work-life balance through remote work: 


This company can be considered a worldwide trailblazer in the development of high-quality, human annotated data-sets providing the know-how for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Some of the job categories https://appen.com/careers/ include Raters, Language Jobs, Micro Tasks, and Corporate Jobs. Appen values entrepreneurship and a flexible environment.


As bridge-builders and barrier-breakers, the company has and continues to build deep relationships with the world’s biggest brands. Their work extends from linguistics, data quality and Artificial Intelligence. The 500,000 expert network that Lionbridge has established ensures speed, scale and precision in their work.


Kelly Services links talented people to companies in need of their services. They help employees and employers to embrace the modern work-world. Their areas of specialty include Engineering, Finance and Accounting, IT and Marketing.


Firefly New Media UK are the publishers of this magazine. Barrington Kirkham set up the marketing & media production business in Consett, County Durham in 2010. Back in 2015, the decision was made for Firefly to work 100% remotely. Although there are challenges with working remotely, Barrington Kirkham says, “[working remotely] has provided incredible flexibly for our team of freelance graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, and marketing people, to communicate and collaborate in real-time on our clients’ projects no matter where any individual may be located.” 

It really does look like the future of work is for personnel to have much more flexibility to work from home, a cafe, or even on the beach.

Although some may disagree, remote work allows much flexibility and, in most cases, a better work-life balance than what the corporate job offers.

If you work remotely, we’d love to hear from you!

What are the benefits and negatives you find from working remotely?

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