The Majority Of Uk Adults With Problem Debt Have Used ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Services, And Most Of These Are Concerned About Their Ability To Repay

A new poll today revealed that over half (60 per cent) of UK adults with problem debt have used ‘buy now pay later’ services within the past year to buy items they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. In addition, most of these people were concerned about how they would meet the repayments for these services (79 per cent). The survey, conducted by Savanta ComRes and commissioned by national debt charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP), runs alongside CAP’s new #BreakFree campaign across the UK, aiming to shed light on the UK’s financial landscape and to signpost people to finding free debt help services.  CAP are encouraging those with problem debt and financial worries to engage with their free debt management services, available across the region.

Mark Worthington, CAP Debt Centre Manager in Gateshead Central said, “It’s hard facing up to the reality that you are living with unmanageable debt. Long-term it is crushing for both the individual and their family and friends. People become isolated, depressed and many speak of being weighed down by the burden of the debt they are in. The first step to begin the process is to ring the freephone number 0800 328 0006. It is so easy and the people on the other end are lovely. They will gently take you through the basic info needed to get the ball rolling.”

Worthington continues, “With all the services we offer at CAP, there is always a route we can find to helping someone start dealing with a debt problem, whether it be help a Job Club, a money management course, or with support to rebuild life skills. When someone becomes debt free they receive an official phone call from head office notifying them that they have achieved this new status. Clients say they can hear everyone cheering and the sound of party poppers, and bells going off and great cheers because CAP staff share their client’s joy! “

Christians Against Poverty is a nationally recognised charity that works to help the most vulnerable out of poverty across the UK. The charity offers a free face-to-face debt management service, with advice and ongoing support . CAP tackles the causes of debt and poverty through a range of expert group services: Job Clubs, Life Skills, and the CAP Money Course, which provides financial education across the UK.

Helen Grant, Gateshead East CAP Debt Centre Manager said, “Clients have to show true courage in order to expose what they’ve tried to hide-in some cases for years when it comes to personal debt, all of them after the appointment have wondered why they left their finances to a crisis point before asking for help.The fear was a lot worse than the reality of accessing the help and support that was much needed to bring freedom from debt.”

Across the UK, CAP have 284 centres and have been actively supporting people out of problem debt for 25 years. Julia Wilthew, North East Area Manager for CAP said, “Feelings of despair, shame, guilt, hopelessness all add to the challenge.  I recall one man who had maxed out 12 credit cards, keeping it a secret from his family and friends until his wife discovered a statement; she forgave him and called CAP for help.  As we worked with the family, they took control of their finances with CAP’s budgeting and creditor liaison, we saw his shame dissipate and be replaced with a new confidence.  It all started by bringing the issue out into the open.”

To get in touch with your local CAP Debt Centre in the North East of England either ring Freephone 0800 328 0006 or please go to

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