There is no better way to support the cause that you care about than volunteering. It also gives an opportunity to meet new people, develop new skills, gain experience in different areas and make you feel good.

Most of us dream to become volunteers and wish to contribute back to society. But it’s too hard to find time out of a busy schedule for on-site or F2F volunteering. Many of us make a positive start too but later struggle to keep their time commitment.

In today’s fast and hectic world, it becomes hard to strike a balance between your personal, professional and social life. But, thanks to remote working technologies that has made Virtual Volunteering possible. With this, volunteers can complete their short or long term tasks, in parts or whole from working remotely from their office or home via the Internet. It is also known as online volunteering.

This new way of volunteering enables people to fulfill their dream of becoming a volunteer along with managing their lives better in this busy world especially during Covid times. However, it’s worth noting that it has been around long before the coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual Volunteering or Online Volunteering has made the process of donating your time, skills and knowledge – simple, easy, fast, convenient and cost effective. Another important advantage is global reach as it’s no more limited to any specific region or location.

Virtual volunteers with skills and interests in web / graphic design, managing social media, accounting, online fundraising, web research, translation, data entry etc. can be a great asset for any charity or nonprofit organisation.

Because of advanced technologies and widespread internet access, we see an exponential increase in micro-volunteering opportunities as the majority of them take place online. Micro volunteering doesn’t require any kind of application process or time commitment, as all tasks are short and convenient – which can be completed in minutes from anytime, anywhere with the use of smartphones.

Some examples of micro volunteering tasks include sharing a social media post, retweeting a message, distributing leaflets, planting trees, signing a petition, proofreading, photo-tagging, surveys etc.

The whole idea behind micro volunteering is to encourage more people to contribute and take small actions to create a bigger impact.

Whether it is virtual volunteering or micro volunteering, it’s ideal for busy people to get tasks done online without distributing their work routine. However, you can still think of physically contributing to a cause, wherever you get an opportunity to do so.

Happy Volunteering!

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