Top 3 Managers at Newcastle United So Far

Sir Bobby Robson . Courtesy of Creative Commons -,_Bobby_Robson,_Netherlands,_14-06-1988.jpg

Throughout the years Newcastle United have suffered with their ups and downs during their time in the Premier League. Newcastle have completed 24 seasons in the Premier League, finishing in the top four on five different occasions, but unfortunately have also ended up in the bottom half 12 times and twice been relegated.

Sir Bobby Robson. Courtesy of Creative Commons –

Sir Bobby Robson

In 1999 Newcastle was took over by Sir Bobby Robson, in Robson’s first game managing the club, they won 8-0. During Robson’s first season Newcastle finished 11th and also finishing as third highest scorers. Robson took over and turned around their form as a club. Robson’s tactics was to play attacking football, winning against the Premier League giants such as Manchester United and Arsenal.

Robson built a young charismatic squad, and was finished fourth in the 2001-2002 season, Newcastle made it into the Champions League for only their second time in history.  The season after Newcastle moved up one place finishing third.

After an unbelievable run in Europe being able to beat Juventus and drawing with Inter Milan. Unfortunately, the following season, Newcastle wasn’t able to qualify for the Champions league, but had a run to the Semi-finals in the UEFA Cup.

Robson wasn’t able to achieve the expectations which the club aimed for, and during the 2004-05 season Robson was sacked.

Kevin Keegan. Courtesy of Creative Commons –

Kevin Keegan

In 1992, St James’ Park saw a new manager, Kevin Keegan arrive to Newcastle United, Newcastle would go through a very exciting period during the Keegan era.

Keegan’s first season at St James’ Park would see out Newcastle in third-place. A season later Newcastle would have a 12-point lead only to blow it and finish second. After a poor run midway through the season Keegan resigned, but his reputation was still intact in Tyneside, viewing him as a hero. During the Keegan era it didn’t all go to plan but Keegan did leave some outstanding memories.

Rafa Benitez. Courtesy of Creative Commons –

Rafa Benitez

The current manager of Newcastle is Rafa Benitez he’s done an amazing job with the club in the new Premier League season.

Benitez has stuck with the club since 2016, unfortunately Benitez’s ambitions haven’t been met during the transfer windows, although Benitez has been able to bring 34 new signings to the club since his arrival in 2016.

So far Benitez has done a great job for the Magpies, currently sitting 13th in the table and having potential to climb higher up the table. Newcastle United are a club where the fans have a huge say and the fans aren’t at all disappointed in the current performance that Newcastle are Displaying.

Most of the Newcastle managers lack the financial support from the club board and unable to progress in the league to higher positions.

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  1. I think Joe Harvey the former United Captain was the greatest United Captain and Manager. Newcasle United were in trouble and relagation to Division Three was expected. The Directors found Joe in a Carlile Pub, made him manager and United never looked back. The team became known as Harveys’ Heros.
    His is still remembered at United.
    It was said that the Players would walk through a brick wall if he asked them too.


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