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Newcastle Student Starts Business to Save World’s Oceans

A Newcastle student has launched an innovative business to help save the world’s oceans from the perils of pollution. Nathan Smith, 21 – a second-year...

Night Owls Have Worse Health, Newcastle Expert Says

night owl
Many of us would classify ourselves as either night owls or early birds. While early birds may thrive best and be more alert in...

Climate Change May Have Killed Neanderthals, Newcastle Researchers Say

Abrupt changes in climate may have been a significant cause of Europe’s Neanderthal humans dying out. That’s according to recent research involving academics from Newcastle’s...

North East Boffins Find Way to Stop Water Stains on Wineglasses

photo courtesy of Jenny Downing, from Flickr Creative Commons
Many dinner party hosts and car owners are driven mad by water stains – those pesky marks left by drying water on the surface...

Newcastle to See More Police Patrols in Post-Exam Party Period

Image courtesy of Ray Forster, from Flickr Creative Commons
Newcastle and Northumbria Universities are working with Northumbria Police to ensure that a traditional student party period passes off peacefully. Many students like to let...



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