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Newcastle University Students Declared Best Neighbours

Seven Newcastle University students have been given this year’s Best Neighbour on Campus Award (BNOC) for acts of thoughtfulness and kindness in their communities. Six...

300-Year-Old Mince Pie Recipe Found in Newcastle

Newcastle Castle by Kieron Mathews - Flickr Creative Commons
Archivists at Newcastle University have discovered a recipe for mince pies that dates all the way back to 1733. The recipe includes some things you...

Honey May Be Key to Killing Infections, Newcastle Experts Say

photo courtesy of Patana Rattananavathong, from Flickr Creative Commons
Researchers from Newcastle University have come up with a novel way of dealing with the infections patients tend to get after surgery. They believe that...

‘Hipster’ Craft Cola Causing a Fizz in Newcastle

craft cola
You’ve heard of craft beer – the lovingly made tipple beloved of hipsters, students and real ale enthusiasts. The latest drinks trend to hit the...

Newcastle Air Pollution Soared on Guy Fawkes Night

It seems that all the fireworks and bonfires on Guy Fawkes Night can send Newcastle’s levels of air pollution soaring. Figures for Bonfire Night last...

Newcastle Trick or Treaters to Aid Foodbank this Halloween

trick or treat
The custom of trick or treating has become a familiar part of the British Halloween. But in Newcastle this year, one group of trick-or-treaters...

Booker-Shortlisted ‘Modern Fairy Tale’ Author to Speak in Newcastle

Person reading black and white
The author of a novel shortlisted for the prestigious Booker Prize – and described as a ‘modern fairy tale’ – is to give a...

Borrow a Dog & Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

Jack Russell Terrier
Newcastle students have found a way to give their mental health a boost – thanks to a slightly unusual member of Newcastle University’s Wellbeing...

Could Your Delicate Wash Be Responsible for Ocean Plastic Pollution?

washing machines
Washing your clothes on the delicate wash could be contributing to the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans, according to research done in...

Minimum Alcohol Price Cuts Booze Consumption, Newcastle Survey Finds

A study led by researchers from Newcastle has found that laws banning low alcohol prices can lead to people drinking less. The study focused on...