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Huge Amounts of Greenhouse Gas May Escape from Greenland Ice, Newcastle...

A study has found that large quantities of global-warming gases could be escaping from melting ice on Greenland. An international team of...

Ban the Sale of Energy Drinks to Children, Newcastle Experts Urge

energy drinks
A number of north-east experts have urged the government to implement a ban on the sale of energy drinks to anybody under 18. A study...

Newcastle Musicians to Perform St Andrew’s Day Piece Inspired by Europe’s...

image courtesy of Vassilis, from Flickr Creative Commons
Music students from Newcastle University will be heading up the A1 to help with Edinburgh’s St Andrew’s Day celebrations. Today (30th November) is the day...

Newcastle Scientists Discover Surprising Secrets of the Humble Moth

Image courtesy of Haneesh K.M, from Flickr Creative Commons
Moths are not the most popular of insects. They’re considered dowdier than butterflies and accused – often unfairly – of munching our clothes. But researchers...

Newcastle Student Brewery Scoops Sustainability Award

Image courtesy of Lauren Topor, from Flickr Creative Commons
A socially and environmentally conscious brewery – run by Newcastle University students – has won a prestigious award. Stu Brew, a microbrewery which draws on...

Newcastle Climate Change Expert Scoops International Honour

image courtesy of ddqhu, from Flickr Creative Commons
With the country sweltering under drought-like conditions in recent weeks – and things even heating up here in the north east – it might...

Participants in Save Our Shipyards Campaign Sought for Oral History Project

image courtesy of Liam Swinney, from Flickr Creative Commons
Researchers from Newcastle University would like to speak to anyone who took part in the north east’s Save Our Shipyards campaign in the 1980s. The...

Newcastle Students Recreate Prehistoric Metal Smelting Techniques

image courtesy of Stephen Dann, from Flickr Creative Commons
A group of Newcastle University students have been attempting to recreate the metal smelting techniques used by our prehistoric ancestors. The students have been working...

New Sculpture for Newcastle from Angel of the North Artist

photo courtesy of Picnicin from Wikipedia Creative Commons
Newcastle will soon have a new sculpture from Anthony Gormley, the sculptor responsible for the north east’s iconic Angel of the North statue. The sculpture...

Newcastle Scientists Make Part of Human Eye with 3D Printer

image courtesy of Renaud Torres, from Flickr Creative Commons
Scientists at Newcastle University have managed to make artificial corneas using 3D printers. The cornea – the outermost layer of the eye – plays an...



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