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Borrow a Dog & Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

Jack Russell Terrier
Newcastle students have found a way to give their mental health a boost – thanks to a slightly unusual member of Newcastle University’s Wellbeing...

Could Your Delicate Wash Be Responsible for Ocean Plastic Pollution?

washing machines
Washing your clothes on the delicate wash could be contributing to the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans, according to research done in...

Minimum Alcohol Price Cuts Booze Consumption, Newcastle Survey Finds

A study led by researchers from Newcastle has found that laws banning low alcohol prices can lead to people drinking less. The study focused on...

Devices Implanted in Body Could Link Our Brains to Computers

computer brain
It might sound like science fiction, but Newcastle researchers – and big tech companies – believe it may soon be commonplace for devices implanted...

Newcastle Woman Surveys Devastation of Titanic Wreck

An academic from Newcastle University has been helping to record the sad state of the wreck of the Titanic. The ship – which sits under...

Ancient Whitby Jet Necklace Found by Newcastle Archaeologists

Isle of Man
A rare Bronze Age jet necklace has been discovered by Newcastle archaeologists. The necklace, which has 122 beads, is likely to have originated in Whitby,...

Newcastle Student Impresses at International Film Festivals

film festival
A film student at Newcastle University has been showing his documentaries at prestigious festivals all over the world. Evripidis Karydis, who is studying for a...

Stonehenge Was Built with Lard, Newcastle Researchers Suggest

Stonehenge is one of Britain’s best-known and most mysterious monuments. But now Newcastle academics have come up with an interesting theory on how Stone-Age...

Newcastle Academic to Tackle Latest Manifestation of ‘Fake News’

computer crime 2
A researcher from Newcastle University is to tackle the subject of ‘deep fakes’ – the latest manifestation of ‘fake news’ – in an upcoming...

Translation Students Lend a Hand for Newcastle Castle Audio Guides

newcastle castle
Newcastle Castle is a familiar Tyneside landmark … or should that be Newcastle Castillo or Châteaux or Schloss? Well, it probably depends on where you’re...