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Newcastle Student Impresses at International Film Festivals

film festival
A film student at Newcastle University has been showing his documentaries at prestigious festivals all over the world. Evripidis Karydis, who is studying for a...

Stonehenge Was Built with Lard, Newcastle Researchers Suggest

Stonehenge is one of Britain’s best-known and most mysterious monuments. But now Newcastle academics have come up with an interesting theory on how Stone-Age...

Newcastle Academic to Tackle Latest Manifestation of ‘Fake News’

computer crime 2
A researcher from Newcastle University is to tackle the subject of ‘deep fakes’ – the latest manifestation of ‘fake news’ – in an upcoming...

Translation Students Lend a Hand for Newcastle Castle Audio Guides

newcastle castle
Newcastle Castle is a familiar Tyneside landmark … or should that be Newcastle Castillo or Châteaux or Schloss? Well, it probably depends on where you’re...

Night-time Credit Ban Could Help Debt Crisis, Newcastle Experts Claim

woman money
Researchers from Newcastle University have suggested a ‘credit curfew’ could help stop consumers from spiralling into debt. The experts claim that banning people from taking...

High-tech Acoustic Tags Could Tackle ‘Ghost’ Fishing Nightmare

One of the greatest problems facing the world’s oceans today is the issue of ‘ghost’ fishing nets. Ghost nets are pieces of net that are...

Get 2 Weeks’ Free Online Shopping – by Participating in Newcastle...

online shopping
A Newcastle University project is set to offer volunteers the chance to shop online for free. The ‘Nu-food Online Supermarket’ research project will give participants...

Hi-tech Sensors Worn on Body in €50 Million Newcastle Health Project

Old People Crossing
A new European project, led by Newcastle University, is aiming to prevent disease by using high-tech digital sensors that can be worn on the...

Poems on Newcastle Buses to Help Those with Mobility Issues

old lady
A Newcastle poet has teamed up with bus operator Go North East – to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those with mobility...

Slick Websites Make High-Cost Loans Enticing, Newcastle Experts Say

internet loans
A team of researchers led by experts from Newcastle University has highlighted how slick, well-designed websites and apps can be used to sell high-cost...