A primary school in Jarrow has created a book trail for pupils and the wider local community to get involved in during the half-term holiday and beyond.

Two children from each class at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, which is part of Bishop Chadwick Catholic Education Trust, have been chosen to hide a book in the local Fellgate or Hedworth area during the half-term holiday for another person to find it.

Whoever finds the book – another pupil or local member of the community – is encouraged to continue the act of kindness. They can choose to re-hide the book or keep it and hide a book from home they no longer read for someone else to find so that the book hunt can continue. Whoever finds a book hidden by a pupil from the school are asked to take a photo and share it with the school to show which book they’ve found and what they plan to do with it.

St Joseph's Catholic Primary Inspiring Book Hunt Across The North East
Children from St Joseph Catholic Primary School, part of Bishop Chadwick Catholic Education Trust

Kate Bertram, early years lead at St Joseph’s, said: “We absolutely love reading at our school and we want to share our passion for our favourite books and authors with our wider school community.

“We’re hoping that lots of different people find our hidden books and share their photos and finds with us but, most importantly, keep the book hunt going.

“The pupils are so excited about hiding books for others to find and can’t wait to see who finds them and what they will then choose to re-hide. Will it be the same book or a well loved one from their own home?

“Please do share your photos with us so that we can update the pupils after the half-term holiday on how the hunt has started and, hopefully, we can continue the book trail until Christmas!”

St Joseph's Catholic Primary Inspiring Book Hunt Across The North East
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School_book hunt

Inside of the front cover of each book, a St Joseph’s pupil will hide is a message that reads: “We hope to share lots of fun this half-term and that many take part in our book trail. Spreading a little joy, excitement and a love of reading together as a community.”

If you do find a book, please share details and a photo with the school by emailing: media@stjosephsjarrow.co.uk

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