As the Government draws up a new obesity strategy to limit the impact of the next wave of The Flu, one Newcastle fitness studio is doing their bit to help tackle the issue in the local area.

Speedflex, a local HIIT fitness studio, has revealed their plans to support their local community in the North East by offering a new subsidised programme that will enable people with a BMI of 30 and over the chance to get into fitness. Those wanting to join or get back into fitness will be able to do so from the 1st August when the studio reopens.

The programme will start with a specialised InBody assessment which allows Speedflex experts to measure, track and record participants’ progress. This is then followed by six weeks of bespoke HIIT classes and then a final InBody assessment towards the end of the programme to take stock, and look at the success of the programme.

Paul Ferris, CEO for Speedflex said: “Staying fit and healthy has never been more important, and it’s vital that we support our community by helping them to lead active lifestyles. This isn’t just a fitness issue, we’re facing a national health crisis, and we have to tackle the issue of obesity head on. Our new programme has been specially designed to help overweight individuals to begin, or restart their fitness journey in an environment that is supportive, motivating and entirely empathetic of their own personal situation.

“Those struggling with their weight can often start new programmes with renewed levels of motivation, but are all too often derailed by aches, pains and injuries. With Speedflex, because we only use concentric movements, it’s the ideal workout to help overweight individuals workout safely, and receive all the proven benefits of HIIT without risking injury. We very much look forward to opening our doors and welcoming anybody, regardless as to their fitness level or body type, to prioritise their health.”

Boris Johnson’s Government is expected to outline plans later in July to help shrink the population’s waistline and increase fitness levels, and nowhere is this more vital than in the North East where recent data from Public Health England has shown that the area has the highest number of obesity related hospital admissions in England. Recent research(1) by The University of Glasgow also suggests being overweight may also double your risk of contracting Covid-19.

The Speedflex workout is a 45minute HIIT-based workout, designed around Speedflex’s unique personalised resistance concept which allows every participant to train at their optimum level. The reason Speedflex is so effective is its ability to allow participants to workout at a high intensity, whilst keeping the impact low. Anyone with a higher BMI can safely join a standard session and burn more calories, as with Speedflex, a free motion bar generates personalised resistance levels.

The new subsidised programme will cost £12 for two Inbody assessments or £50 for two Inbody assessments and six weeks of Speedflex sessions. For more information, please call 0191 212 7450 or visit

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