Scaffolding is a familiar part of any building site in history, usually erected at the start of construction work and present till the end, however much it may grow and change in between.

1. A temporary platform, either supported from below or suspended from above, on which workers sit or stand when performing tasks at heights above the ground.
2. A platform used in the execution of condemned prisoners, as by hanging or beheading!

Good scaffolding really is a matter of life and death for workers’ safety while construction work is being carried out. It provides a temporary, stable platform for working at height and supporting heavy materials during the process, adding a level of support to the standing structure as required. Well-balanced scaffolding is essential for multiple workers to confidently use it at the same time.
Two great advantages of this ancient system are that workers use secured ladders that won’t shift under heavy loads, and they can add protection against the wind and weather if necessary. 

You can’t beat sunset up a scaffold

Whether during initial construction, repairs, or cleaning, scaffolding is a quick and cost-effective way to increase safety and efficiency.

-Scaffolding ensures safety whilst working at height, where workers face the most risk. The platforms also protect the workers from each other’s debris and dropped tools. The addition of wide barrier fencing and netting protects the public below, so people can still use a pavement under a long-term scaffold.

-Scaffolding provides easy access to structures of all shapes that could be difficult to reach without it. Platforms can be built where any design or blueprint can be accessed by the workers, known as bespoke scaffolding.

-Scaffolding is time and cost-efficient, as skilled workers are trained to be organised and reduce time spent on-site at all stages of the process. Once it’s in place, it can be left long-term, or removed and all tidied up in a matter of hours.

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