A play about a north-east world champion boxer who learnt to fight at his local boys’ club in Consett, County Durham, is set to tour the north east in 2019.

Carrying David will tell the story of Glenn McCrory, who was the north east’s first world title winner in the sport.

Glenn, aged 24, won the World Cruiserweight Title in Stanley, County Durham, on June 3rd 1989, by outscoring his top-quality opponent Patrick Lumumba.

McCrory was definitely seen as the underdog in the fight.

Carrying David will follow Glenn McCrory’s journey from an ordinary north-east lad to a boxing world champion.

The title of the play comes from the fact that Glenn always felt inspired by his terminally ill younger sibling, David.

David had Fridriech’s Ataxia, a brain condition that impairs mobility, coordination and balance.

Carrying David – which has the support of Arts Council England – will be staged by Wisecrack Productions in May and June 2019.

The play will tour a number of towns and cities in the north east, including Newcastle, South Shields and Whitley Bay. The Stanley performance will take place on June 3rd – the 30th anniversary of Glenn’s world title triumph.

An exhibition is also planned, which will tour alongside the play, and the play’s producers have a special favour to ask the north east’s inhabitants.

They would like to display photos of memorabilia – such as posters and programmes – from the fight in the exhibition. If anybody knows of any memorabilia that can be photographed, the producers would be extremely grateful if they can get in touch.

Ewan Waugh, from Wisecrack Productions, said, “The fight was broadcast live worldwide and is still one of the biggest events in north-east sporting history – one of ours fighting for a boxing world title!”

“It took place in the Luisa Centre in Stanley, which had a capacity of 2,000, but by all accounts there appeared to be a lot more people crammed in that night.”

“Glenn wasn’t fancied to win, but – aided by the magnificent crowd and David – he was lifted and inspired to outpoint Lumumba, a top-class opponent.”

“Unfortunately, it was the days before social media. However, we’d love to hear from anyone with a programme, tickets, posters, leaflets or other mementos we can photograph for our exhibition.”

If anybody has any souvenirs of the fight, please let Ewan know by phoning 0191 4550 608 or going to www.wisecrackproductions.co.uk.

The play and exhibition will be staged in Newcastle, Blyth, Whitley Bay, Hartlepool, Stanley and South Shields.

(The featured image is courtesy of Glenn McCrory.)

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