One hundred older people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic are being treated to a surprise festive feast thanks to a business looking to spread a little Christmas cheer.

Every year Procter & Gamble provides Christmas dinners for its employees, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic currently has hundreds of workers at home instead of its site at Cobalt Business Park.

The business decided instead to cook meals, using the on-site canteen, for older people in EveryDay Care & Support’s wellbeing centres and extra care housing, most of whom have been isolating over the past few months.

The first 50 meals were picked up and delivered on Friday (4th December), and another 50 will be delivered this Friday (11th December).

Kerry Parker, Head of Professional Care at EveryDay Care & Support, a social enterprise owned by Age UK North Tyneside, said the gesture will make a huge difference to older people this Christmas.

She said: “This simple act of generosity and kindness will mean so much to older people in the community.

“They’ve experienced such a challenging and lonely year due to the pandemic. To be provided with a wholesome, Christmas lunch provided by a stranger will definitely lift their spirits.”

The meals are being cooked at the P&G Cobalt site and delivered as a surprise to older people by EveryDay Care& Support staff.

As well as a full Christmas dinner, P&G are also providing a pudding, Christmas cracker and shortbread to be enjoyed by older people all over the borough.

Andy Sherwood, part of the Community Matters team at P&G, said: “We are pleased to be able to partner with Age UK North Tyneside to provide Christmas dinners for the local community.

“We are so happy to be able to do this for older people, who have been some of the worst-affected by the pandemic. Hopefully, it can bring them a bit of Christmas cheer after a tough year.”

Age UK North Tyneside runs many services for older people across the borough, including social and exercise groups, information and advice and dementia support.
To find out more call its head office on 0191 280 8484 or head to

Its social enterprise EveryDay Care & Support delivers professional and personal care and support to older people in the community. Find out more at

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