The North Tyneside Business Forum is committed to bolstering businesses in the North Tyneside region through networking opportunities, workshops, and resources that promote growth and innovation.

In line with their dedication to celebrating success and introducing new skills to local businesses, their premier event, ShowBiz24: Rise&Bloom, offers an engaging experience aimed at equipping businesses with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in the current competitive environment.

This year’s theme focuses on the Mastery of Communication, covering essential skills like Public Speaking and Closing Sales. Designed specifically for business professionals across all sectors in North Tyneside and beyond, this event promises a dynamic morning filled with insights and networking opportunities.

The event at Wallsend Town Hall chambers on Thursday 16th May will see three speakers present to the audience. Moira Barnes Sales Consultancy – a seasoned sales expert with over 30 years of experience across various industries, will empower attendees with her wealth of knowledge, particularly around closing sales. Jon Malton, an experienced leader known for uplifting top-tier companies, will share critical insights on commanding the room and making ideas resonate with any audience.

The keynote speaker is Lanchester based, however originally a Whitley Bay businessman. 

Simon Moyle, CEO of Vivup. He will reflect on a journey of remarkable growth and transformation, turning a small business with 17 employees into a national powerhouse in the employee benefits and well-being space.

Six years ago, Vivup was a modest enterprise primarily serving the NHS with a single benefit. Simon, driven by a vision to scale the business and extend its reach, embarked on a mission to revolutionise the industry.

Over the past five years, Vivup has undergone significant expansion, transitioning from a local office in Farnham to a national company with a fully remote workforce. Today, Vivup supports over 4 million workers across the UK, including 85% of the NHS, along with 1.3 million public sector workers. The company’s client base extends to councils, education institutions, charities, and recently, private sector organisations across all sectors, totalling over 2,500 entities.

At the heart of Vivup’s success lies its focus on enhancing financial and mental well-being through tailored benefit solutions. These solutions, ranging from lifestyle savings discounts and options to salary sacrifice benefits, have empowered organisations and individuals alike to achieve greater financial security and mental resilience.

Simon’s journey to leadership is marked by a diverse background, including humble beginnings at PC World in North Tyneside. Starting as a Christmas temp and later transitioning into business-to-business sales, Simon honed his skills in customer engagement and business development. His passion for helping businesses thrive led him to assist thousands of start-ups across the North East, earning him a reputation as a trusted advisor and mentor.

Through Simon’s leadership, Vivup has not only grown in scale but also in impact. His commitment to empowering businesses, coupled with a keen understanding of market dynamics, has enabled Vivup to stay ahead of the curve. Simon’s strategic vision has led to the establishment of partnerships and innovative solutions, further solidifying Vivup’s position as a leader in the industry.

“We have three excellent speakers all giving their perspective on different ways to shine in business. The theme is how to master the art of closing sales through powerful storytelling and each of the speakers has a story to tell that will engage, influence, and educate. It will be a great event.”

Chair of North Tyneside Business Forum, Michael James

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