Drains are often the most neglected part of a home – if wastewater moves through them, we assume everything is fine. Whether looking for the root of a blockage or to find where your drainpipes lead, you will need a drain specialist.  

Drain Issues

Older methods of connecting multiple drainpipes include having every pipe meet up in a brick chamber. This method is prone to blockages since brick is the perfect material for toilet paper and fat to cling to. These chambers will work for many years and allow water to flow through, but this also gives fatbergs time to grow.

The smell of a fatberg may begin to come back up through the pipes and into your home. After a storm, fatbergs can peel away from the wall of the chamber and cause a complete blockage at a time when you most need your drains to function.

Concrete chambers will crack over time and make enough room for weeds and tree roots to break through. The pipes can also crack from the weight of the soil above or from the shifting ground. Roots of a tree will work their way up the pipe and latch onto material as it tries to exit the pipe; given enough time, the root will block the entire pipe.

Cracks in a pipe also mean that you are contaminating your groundwater with chemicals and sewage. These chemicals can leach up into the grass and soil, emitting an unpleasant smell into the air. The chemicals from cleaning products are toxic and can be dangerous for children playing on the grass, and will contaminate vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

The route of a drainage pipe can be a mystery with all types of property, and it complicates renovation work when you do not know where it is safe to dig. Older concrete or cast-iron drainage pipes can crack easily if knocked by digging equipment and create long-term problems.

Locating a drainage pipe is also vital when trying to understand where the responsibility falls, for example, if is with the homeowner or the council. And when it comes to removing blockages, you need to know which street drain hole the pipe leads to.

Drainage Solutions

Pipeline Drainage Solutions offer fair and transparent prices and do not hide charges or demand payment for a callout. Issues such as blockages are tackled the same day and dealt with as fast as possible. Obstacles in baths, toilets, and sinks, where blockages often occur, are removed quickly and cleanly.

Among the methods for unblocking and cleaning the drain is jetting. Jetting uses pressurized water to scrub away clumps stuck to the interior of the pipe. This also clears up the view for a full CCTV inspection if required.

Survey inspections with CCTV cameras are an excellent way of locating and mapping the routing of your property’s drains. The latest in camera and inspection equipment allows sections of pipe to be viewed and recorded for further examination.

CCTV is useful when performing maintenance, finding blockages, and building accurate maps for building surveyors or your local council. Once the inspection is complete, the owners of the property are given a full report along with recommendations and quotes for the costs of repairs.

After cleaning, a full CCTV report may recommend that the pipe be replaced or repaired with plugs. A modern and effective solution is to reline the pipe, which fills in all fissures, smooths out kinks, and adds many more years to the lifespan of the pipes.

Drain relining is effective on pipes 10 centimetres to 150 centimetres in diameter and comes with a 50-year life expectancy. The lining process is done through the existing cavity, meaning there is no need to disrupt the lawn or dig up your home to perform the repair.

Pipeline Drainage Solutions Expands Across the North East

When you bring a service to the sanctity of your home, you want some reassurance that they share the same values as you. Pipeline Drainage Solutions is a family company servicing Newcastle for over two decades.

Over 500 satisfied customers keep coming back knowing they can get a specialist on the same day, 7 days a week, contactable 24 hours a day. And now Pipeline Drainage Solutions is expanding to offer the same excellent service across the whole of North East England.

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