New Subscription Service Bringing Back Joy Into Learning

New Subscription Service Bringing Back Joy Into Learning
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A new subscription service for teachers and schools providing quality learning resources without the need for hours of planning has been launched by Gateshead based Unique Group.

The service, “Magazines for Schools” has been successfully trialled with Wingrove Primary School in Newcastle who are using the magazines to combine education and entertainment benefits for their pupils.

Founder of Magazines for Schools, John Porrett said: “The education world is going through tough times at the moment and when schools return to normal, teaching staff will need every resource available to them to support learning.

“Reading for pleasure is an important aspect of learning and the magazines that we provide are highly educational and fun so that the whole class will enjoy the learning experience. As part of the service, we also provide customisable, easy-to-use, Key Stage 2 lesson resources complete with key assessment focus.”

Every month multiple copies of a specially chosen independent educational magazine are distributed to participating schools along with bespoke lesson resources that can be used with the magazines. Each resource has a slide show that can be easily adapted including notes and recommendations. Made for Key Stage 2 using key assessment focuses to guide them, each pack has reading comprehensions and formatted questions that students can engage with.

Examples of the magazines supplied are Cubic, Anorak, Eco Kids Planet, Horrible Histories and Brilliant Brainz. All are suitable for primary school children and cover a range of subjects including literacy, science, numeracy and art which help to get children excited about learning.

Jane Mullarkey, Head Teacher at Newcastle’s Wingrove Primary School has trialled the subscription with excellent results:

“Using the magazines with the children has ignited their curiosity in the world around them. They are excited to have their own copy to thumb through at their own pace and are eager to share their newfound knowledge with the staff. The magazines are accessible for all abilities and have supported the “reading for pleasure” agenda.”

For more information about the subscription service for schools or contact Unique Magazines on 0345 3036750.

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