As the nation gears up for the festive season, Buyagift has teamed up with household favourite and everyone’s favourite daytime TV personality and presenter, Joe Swash, to launch – an online service that lets you exchange your old, unwanted gifts from Christmas Past.

The all-new site, launched exclusively for Christmas 2020, offers a free and instant online valuation. Simply enter the name of your unwanted gift to get your instant valuation and you could exchange and upgrade to something more memorable within minutes – from spa to racing days, the service has it all! has been launched by the UK’s leading provider of experience days Buyagift, in a bid to avoid disappointments this Christmas, after research revealed that almost all Brits (94%) pretend to like gifts that in fact turn them off, and two fifths (39%) of us already expect to receive a Christmas present this year that we don’t want.

The research also revealed that Brits are no strangers to receiving presents they don’t like, with 86% of the UK having received an unwanted gift at least once. These are most likely to have been given from an extended family member (44%), a secret Santa (41%), or surprisingly, a good friend (38%).

In order to spread Christmas cheer this year, the UK’s leading gift experience provider is giving the nation the chance to swap their less desired gifts for something they, or their loved ones, will love and remember for years to come, via their temporary new service on From a 5* Spa Day with Afternoon Tea, to a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride polished off with a Supercar Driving experience, there will be the chance to swap one gift per hour up until the 18th December.

The study of 2,000 UK participants also found that 32% of 25-54-year-olds have been caught re-gifting an item they didn’t like, by the person who gave them the gift. However, the nation is a charitable one, as Brits are more likely to give presents they don’t like to charity (54%), than give it to someone else (44%), with just 14% throwing the gift away.

What’s more, is partnering with Shelter, where the unwanted presents donated to the service will be turned into help for people facing homelessness and bad housing in the UK. Shelter is a nationwide charity that helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through advice, support, and legal services.

New Online Service Let's You Exchange Old Unwanted Gifts
Joe Swash, London

The new website has been launched with TV personality favourite Joe Swash, who has admitted that he doesn’t always get it right first time either.

“When it comes to buying presents for Stacey and the kids, I’ve been known to play it safe and get it wrong a few times… that’s why this new service is such a great idea. We all know about exchanging our old, unwanted cars online – why not do the same for that old gift set or pair of pyjamas that are getting dusty under your bed! It’s especially good to know that not only will the service allow you to get a memorable present that you’ve been eyeing up, but the Shelter partnership also means that you can turn old items in to help for people across the UK this Christmas.”

Speaking on the launch of the brand-new website, Alison Vickery, Marketing & Digital Executive Director at Buyagift said:

“After a year that has seen so many of us separated from our loved ones, it’s clear that spending time together is so important, and this year that message couldn’t be truer.

“That’s why at Buyagift, we’re pleased to offer experienced-based presents that allow for exactly that – a day to come together and make memories.

“This year, we are proud to have become a carbon-neutral company and we are excited to offer an all-new service that allows shoppers the chance to donate unwanted gifts to charity and turn them into experiences which creates less wastage. We are proud to be working with the incredible charity partner Shelter to use those old gifts for good and turn them in to help and support those in need this Christmas.” lets you exchange your old, unwanted gifts in just three simple steps, and will be available from Wednesday 28th October, right up until a week before Christmas on Friday 18th December 2020. Swappers will be in with the chance of redeeming one gift per hour. What’s more, Buyagift are also offering customers the chance to win a £500 Buyagift voucher, which can be redeemed on thousands of experiences valid for 20 months.

The Top Ten Most Unwanted Gifts 

  1. Gift sets (30%)
  2. Toiletries(27%)
  3. Bubble baths/bath salts(26%)
  4. Knitwear(22%)
  5. Socks (18%)
  6. Jewellery(16%)
  7. Photo frame(16%)
  8. Pyjamas(16%)
  9. Underwear (16%)
  10. Candles  (12%)

Analysing the cities that are most likely to receive unwanted gifts, Plymouth placed first (89%), with Newcastle ranking 10th (81%).

The Top Ten Cities to Receive Unwanted Gifts 

  1. Plymouth (89%)
  2. Southampton (89%)
  3. Leicester (89%)
  4. Cambridge (88%)
  5. Sheffield (88%)
  6. London (87%)
  7. Edinburgh (86%)
  8. Birmingham (85%)
  9. Belfast (84%)
  10. Newcastle (84%)

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