People who just want to grill can now get grilling on a unique creation from the maestro’s of grill greatness.

King of Fire is the result of a challenge between a group of friends who wanted to create “the world’s best barbecue” by combining their engineering and marketing skills.

Early prototypes were cost-effective, but left room for improvement.

And the result is a trail blazing new product which opens up a whole new world for anyone who enjoy cooking in the great outdoors.

Now that’s more like it.

Made of high quality stainless steel and brass, King of Fire has also been created to be environmentally friendly, with an afterburner which burns off the smoke and ash before it leaves the combustion chamber.

Its design means it’s also easy to regulate the heat as the centre ring turns to regular airflow into the combustion chamber, while the temperature varies across the cooking surface, ensuring food is cooked properly: no more charred on the outside and raw in the middle.

Each King of Fire is built to order and takes around four weeks, with a limited number being created. Each one is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of ownership.

“My friends and I were just chatting about how much we loved barbecues and what we’d look for to create the ultimate outdoor cooking experience,” said Paul Moore, one of the partners.

“And we put together something that not only looks fantastic but really something totally new and different, made by crafts people to a really high standard.

“It’s an investment in something very special for people who are really serious about barbecuing.”

The King of Fire costs £6000 (£5000 plus VAT) which includes delivery and installation.

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