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Newcastle United - IT Company

Newcastle Executive Club was formed in August 2017 and is run in partnership with Newcastle United and Eleven Sport Media. Razorblue begun partnership with Newcastle United, which provided huge exposure for the brand. The business logo of Razorblue is broadcasted to 50,000 supporters in the stadium each match-day at St, James’ Park.

The company was founded by Dan Kitchen in 2006 and has expanded into an 80-person team since then. Razorblue is a leading IT company with locations in Catterick, Wynyard, Leeds, Manchester and London. The company specialises in consulting, managed IT, hosted solutions and connectivity for SME’s, business parks and the public sector across the UK. Razorblue doesn’t just partner with Newcastle United but also with other clubs including Leeds United and Bolton Wanderers.


The company also provides various networking opportunities and exclusive events, which include Q&A evenings with former Newcastle United players and stadium tours, this allows other local businesses to meet and interact. Many clients who have attended these events have found them very useful and important. One client said, “The events are a great opportunity, from a business perspective, to connect with other businesses in the area, find out what they’re up to, and to keep on their radar to build those relationships”.

Razorblue is operating in various different regions throughout the country, using football as a way to be able to connect with the local community. Debbie Rocket is the Marketing manager for Razorblue and said “Even if people haven’t heard of Razorblue before they see us at the football match and it’s quite a good way for us to be associated with such a well-known and respected sport. It gives us the ability to take clients to matches; offers opportunities for our team members to go along too; becoming involved in the local community through the sport”.


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