A Newcastle University project is set to offer volunteers the chance to shop online for free.

The ‘Nu-food Online Supermarket’ research project will give participants a voucher, which will be valid for almost two weeks.

Before anybody gets too excited, it should be explained that the shopping will be limited to food and groceries and that the voucher is worth just £25.

But volunteers will get to keep all the items they buy plus any change from the voucher and an extra £5 as a thank-you for taking part.

Participants will be asked to take part in two online shopping sessions, during which they should purchase the type of food and drink they would normally buy for themselves and their households.

The project will take place during April and May 2019. The shopping sessions can be done at any time between 9 am on Monday and 11.59 pm on Saturday and from any location with an internet connection.

Volunteers will also be asked to answer a few questions during each shopping session.

The volunteers should be able to come along to collect their shopping – plus their £5 and any change – from Newcastle University.

All the data collected during the project will be made anonymous. The data will only be used for non-profit purposes and the overall findings of the project – based on the anonymised data set – may be presented at conferences and in academic articles.

For more information about the ‘Nu-food Online Supermarket’ research project, please visit https://nclafrd.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6P5xDMpB4qryF13.

Those interested in taking part in the project can also email participation1@newcastle.ac.uk or telephone 0191 208 3594.

(Featured image courtesy of Tim Reckmann, from Flickr Creative Commons.)

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