There was a time when getting a fix of nicotine meant taking a pinch of black, powdered tobacco and inhaling it up the nose! The so-called “snuff” habit shot to popularity in London after the Great Plague of 1665–1666 because people believed the black powdery substance contained healing properties. Spoiler alert: It didn’t.

While what we’re experiencing around the world right now does not seem to be as bad as another plague (touch wood!), for those of us who enjoy the nicotine experience but do not want to damage our lungs through smoking, the hunt is on for less harmful alternatives. Snuff certainly is not one of them, but many in Britain have turned to a Scandavian product known as snus.

Snus is a tobacco pouch product that users placed under their upper lip. It involves no smoke, no ash, and no indoor bans! The sale is currently illegal in the UK, but its use has nonetheless been known to be popular among English Premier League football players, some of whom consider it a relaxing and less toxic alternative to cigarette smoking.

There was some speculation that, after Brexit, snus would become legal to sell in Britain. This does not appear to be the case, at least in the short-term, however there’s a new twist on the product that is widely available and easy to buy direct online in Newcastle and across the UK: Nicotine pouches.

Nicotine pouches mirror the experience of snus, but are completely tobacco-free and therefore easily available for purchase. They come in a wide variety of flavours like fruit, coffee and liquorice, with fruit flavours like Berry Citrus, Lime, Tropic Breeze and Blackberry being among the most popular. All you need to do is place a nicotine pouch under your upper lip, and enjoy the fruity flavor and relaxing experience.

So, forget about snuff! Let’s not go back to the wild 17th century. Instead, how about we try to take our lead from Sweden. If you’ve got the nicotine habit, try to put away the costly cigarettes, and instead try out a tobacco-free nicotine pouch. You may just prefer it!


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