From Vice President to Ethical Fashion Entrepreneur: My Journey of Purpose and Resilience
kavita profile ration.l & reflexone

I was brought up in the northeast, Newcastle Upon Tyne from a middle-class family environment, studied at La Sagesse and then Gosforth High School!

Started working from the age of 17 in a global fashion company with fast-paced, long hours and constant travelling. I worked my way up over 25yrs to becoming Vice president. Visiting countries around the world & seeing the challenging impacts on the environment & communities, through the industry – gave me my mission – to change our ways, and be more ethical from design to production.

Suddenly one day in 2015, I suffered a Subarachnoid Brain-hemorrhage, faced with a life-changing experience. With only 50% survival, being told that I will be left with serious disabilities like hearing, unable to walk, partially paralyzed & brain damage. I was treated with 4 brain operations, had a second stroke which then lead to having a Shunt inside. I had to relearn a lot of basics, lost my coordination, had hearing deficiencies, vision and sound difficulties, with a huge mental imbalance -my mind and body had completely shifted.

However, my purpose became very clear – I wanted to make a positive difference in the fashion industry, be a role model to the next generation & help others that have suffered a similar illness to mine.

I released my book ‘Room 23 Surviving a Brain Hemorrhage’ in Nov 2018 & was a finalist for the international book awards Spiritual: Inspirational. My second book ’23 Ways to a Happier Life’ was released in May 2022, I then went on to share my story and how to produce ethical fashion educating others through my YouTube, Instagram videos, and podcasting.

I’ve done talks at schools and universities, I’m an Ambassador for 3 amazing neuro charities.
The Bee Foundation, Brain & Spine Foundation & Same you Org.

My company was born during Covid that holds multiple ethical fashion brands, built around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Now winning and shortlisted for many awards. I was invited recently to the House of Commons for being in the TOP 100 Female Entrepreneurs in the Telegraph and to Downing Street to share my story!

RATION.L – Vegan & gender neutral trainers & accessories (5% profits go to the Brain & Spine Found)
REFLEXONE – Activewear made from recycled plastic yarn ( 5% of profits go to the Bee Found ).

I still suffer from daily challenges – short-term memory loss, extreme fatigue, mental health, high anxiety and others, so its important for me to support the 1 in 4 neuro-diverse individuals and continue my mission of giving back by showing that even through such adversity you can have some hope.

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