A £1 million funding boost will make sure that poorer kids in Newcastle continue to get healthy food during the school summer holidays.

The money – £1,027,732 in total – has been awarded to the charity StreetGames by the Department of Education.

StreetGames will work with Newcastle City Council to deliver a free programme of healthy food and fun activities over the summer.

The programme – entitled Newcastle’s Best Summer Ever – will be open to all the city’s children who are in receipt of free school meals.

Currently, there are 19,667 pupils living in the most deprived areas of Newcastle and 10,344 pupils who are receiving free school meals.

In addition to StreetGames and the council, over 140 community organisations, schools and other bodies will participate in the Newcastle’s Best Summer Ever programme.

The programme will aim to join up provision for disadvantaged children more effectively to ensure that nutritious food and worthwhile activities are on offer to all such youngsters.

Newcastle City Council’s cabinet member for culture, sport and public health, Cllr Kim McGuinness, said, “I am delighted that Newcastle has been awarded this funding, allowing young people the opportunity for an enjoyable and healthy summer holiday.”

“Government cuts over the years have hit families in Newcastle hard, but it is great to see organisations such as StreetGames working with others to provide a service that will really benefit children in our city.”

“It is heartening to know thousands of young people in our city will be able access something that will make a real difference and provide fun, lasting memories.”

(This article’s featured image is courtesy of Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker, from Flickr Creative Commons.)


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